This Heart Flutters Like A Bird.

I don't think you know
How perfectly your shirt
Wrapped around your body
As you slept next to me.

I don't think you know
How much strength
That single hand on my shoulder had
And how much I didn't want to leave.

I don't think you know
How much I want to let
My hand follow the curve
Of your body,
Let my fingers follow your spine
Up to your neck
And leave kisses there.

And you don't know
How many kisses
Would be left along your collarbone
Wishing to follow down
The angle of it
But getting caught up
In the hollow there.

I don't think you know
How many times I've wanted
To pick up your hand
And leave a kiss there too
Like a knight pledging loyalty.
My forehead would touch
Your knuckles, in apology.

Because you didn't know
How this loyalty carries devotion
As I indulge in my insolence
Continuing to kiss your hand
Following to your wrist, your arm
Turning them gently
As I reach your elbow.

I don't think you know
How long I want
Those kisses to linger,
How long I want to take my time
Kissing slowly the soft parts
Back down to your palm
And putting all my kisses in your hand.

I don't know
How you take the stillness
That results from your touch.
Don't think it is coldness or neglect.

I don't know
How my eyes might betray me
And all of my feelings
Might show on my face.

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