Dear 黒本,

It's almost cruel how time catches up to you, out strides you and runs faster than you can think.  It truly waits for no man.

It's been a long while since Justin passed.  God, how long has it been?  It was a month or so before his birthday in August.  July 23rd.  I always thought I'd remember because of 23 - the 23rd Psalm.  I Guess not.

I was remembering last night.  Last year for Christmas, I made everyone cookies. I was thinking of how this year, I won't be able to make better cookies for him.

During class today, I was remembering Justin's personality type.  I think we had similar personalities.

Before, I remembered Justin at every turn, but I smiled. It didn't hurt so much, didn't make me cry this way.  Isn't it suppose to get better, a slow fade to melting away?

Cruel time and cruel fates.  I know I'm not alone, so many others have gone away in the last couple of seasons, but I feel alone.   Alone and just trying to survive.


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